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Founded in 1965, Advance Specialties manufactures silo storage/stabilization for the expandable plastics and food industries. Advance Specialties is the recognized industry leader for fabric-based storage systems. Driven by customer need, Advance Specialties develops and designs fabrics and processes focused on optimal performance.

We Are The Evolution of Storage Performance.

What we do

Advance Specialties leads the industry in design and manufacturing of flexible silo storage. Advance Specialties delivers the highest qualtiy storage silos on time and on budget. Whether you are storing/stabilizing re-grind EPS, EPP, expandable foam materials or food products, we will create a silo that provides optimal performance. With a broad range of industry standard fabric materials, Advance Specialties will match the demands of your material creating optimal strength and airflow. From fabric to frames we stand ready to create a silo system tailored to fit your needs.

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Our Products

Advance Specialties custom manufactures each silo in our Tennessee plant to your exact standards. We can match or enhance the storage, stabilization and environmental demands of your products.

Supporting your silo is our specialty. Whether you choose traditional schedule 40 steel pipe with clamp connections, gator shield galvanize pipe with clamps or square tube steel, Advance Specialties can provide a frame to fit your silo needs.

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Customer Testimonials

"Working with Advance Specialties is always a pleasure, they are a breath of fresh air. It's always great when you can work with knowledgeable people that know their industry."

Ryan Van Dyke
former Vice President,
Harbor Foam Inc

"Thank you for turning our order for EPS storage silos so quickly. As always, the workmanship was excellent and dimensionally perfect.”

Ike Knight
General Manager
Lifoam Industries, llc